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Business of Humanity® Project's Tuver Health & Wellness Center Continues Operations During COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, the ability to manage the pandemic in remote parts of our inter-connected world presents an urgent challenge. To help address this challenge, the Business of Humanity® Project (BoH) at the University of Pittsburgh, led by the Katz Graduate School of Business and the Swanson School of Engineering, has been working with its partners at the Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation (ATNF), Safe World Rural Services (SRS), and Narottam Lal Bhai Rural Development Fund (NLRDF) to assist its Tuver Health & Wellness Center located in Gujarat, India to continue to operate under new and ever-changing circumstances during this pandemic.

In accordance with the lockdown guidelines issued by the Government of India, the THWC reopened on April 20th, 2020 and has been continuing to provide health care services to rural communities in and around Tuver. The details outlined in this link by ATNF demonstrate the unique challenges that COVID-19 are presenting to the health care workers at THWC and the steps they are taking so that individuals in rural and remote areas are provided with quality care.