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Cathedral of Learning building in the daytime on Pitt's main Oakland campus
University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning - Oakland campus
  • 2011  -- The Business of Humanity® project is established through funding from the Beall Family Foundation.
  • October 2013 – The Business of Humanity® Conference, “Energizing Low-Income Communities: The Promise of DC Technology,” is held in Prague, Czech Republic. 
  • June 2014 – The Hillman Foundation Opportunity Fund awards an $800,000 grant for the development of DC power projects in the Pittsburgh region. Half of the funding is committed to the Homewood project.
  • Summer 2015 – Partnerships are reached with our partners in India
  • Winter & Spring 2016 – Groundbreaking of greenhouse site in Homewood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • April 7 -9, 2016 – Business of Humanity® Conference entitled; "Energizing Human and Economic Development: Leveraging the Power of DC Technology."
  • Spring 2016 - Complete construction of Off-Grid DC-Powered bioshelter laboratory in Homewood, PA
  • Spring 2017 - Official Opening of Off-Grid DC-Powered bioshelter laboratory in Homewood, PA
  • February 2019 - Official Opening of the Tuv3r Health and Wellness Center in Gujarat, India
  • August 2023 – Official Opening of the second phase of the DC HEaRT site project in Homewood, PA