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BoH endorsed project awarded $1 million dollars!

The Business of Humanity® Project would like to send congratulations to Drs. Masoud Barati (Assistant Professor, Swanson School of Engineering) and Bopaya Bidanda (Ernest Roth Professor, Swanson School of Engineering)!  Their project, in collaboration with a colleague at Wayne State University, "Data-Driven Community-Centered Resilient Assessment and Planning Toolkit for Nexus of Energy and Water (DCRAPT-NEW)" has been awarded $1 million by the Department of Energy, Solar Office, Renewables Advancing Community Energy Resilience (RACER) Funding Program.

This project is focused on developing an open-source, open-access, community-centered distributed energy resource planning tool for energy and water resilience enhancement in urban areas. The research team aims to engage community members in Detroit, Michigan, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, analyze multiple layers of information and interaction between water and energy systems, and co-optimize planning and operation. The resulting planning tool will help to strategically install solar, energy storage, and other distributed energy resources, and to devise preparedness and response plans. Additionally, the project is considering mobile energy storage.

This project has been endorsed by the Business of Humanity® Project; Keith J. Caldwell, Director of Impact and Continuity - Community Engagement Center; Office of Engagement & Community Affairs; the Homewood Community Office and the Duquesne Light Company (City of Pittsburgh).