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Latest News – Tuvar Village Project – 2018

March 2018

We are excited to announce that construction has begun on the Tuver Village Project in Gujarat, India! 

The Tuver Village Project is the Indian component of a global demonstration of the use of disruptive technologies to meet the needs of lower income communities; simultaneously enhancing environmental, social and economic sustainability. The viability of the Tuver Village Project is predicted on a comprehensive response to the needs of the community—power to households, potable water, sanitation, hygiene, health education, and telehealth supported by new sources of income for the community.

Our partners on this project include Mr. B.M. Shah, Mr. Kantibhai Patel, Mr. Vinod and Mr. Minibhai from NLRDF (Narottam Lalbhai Rural Development Fund) and Mr. Subi Rajagopalan, Mr. Harish Shankar V., Mr. Yogendra Khaintola, Mr. Krishna Prasad and Mr. Vaneet Chopra from Safeworld Rural Services LLP and Prof. K. Ganapathy and Mr. S. Premanand from Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation. Due to their commitment and tireless efforts, the initial phase (Stage 1) of the project should be up and running in June 2018!

Highlights of Stage 1 of this project include:

  1. Solar plant, generating 30.69 kW, employing unique, specially designed tensile solar panel mounting structures, to bridge ravines and gullies in in otherwise unusable land.
  2. DC standalone grid to supply power to households (50 initially), street lighting, water pumping system, and common services including toilets, showers and community center.
  3. Water supply—potable water and water for common toilets and shower.
  4. Over a kilometer of solar-powered street lighting, which will provide safety and security—especially for women and children—to and from the common toilets.
  5. Refurbishment of an abandoned building for a new Community Center, which will have net zero capability. The Community Center will be used as an education, health and wellness center for Tuvar village and nearby communities.
  6. Specially-designed electric vehicles for transporting patients found to be requiring treatment at more advanced health facilities.

December 18, 2018

HVAC System installed high on wall in THWC


Power sources attached to outside wall at THWC


Streetlight installed in Tuvar Village


Close-up photo of streetlight installation in Tuvar Village, India


December 6, 2018

Solar Panel structure in Tuvar Village


Drywall installation in THWC


Power source equipment installed on outside wall of THWC


Interior power equipment installed at THWC


Building of Pharmacy window inside THWC


Solar panel installation in Tuvar Village


Worker installing solar panel power equipmet in Tuvar


Streetlight connected to power source in Tuvar Village

July 31, 2018

Workers digging hole in Tuvar Village


Workers placing wooden pole in ground in Tuvar Village


Worker filling in hole around wooden pole with dirt in Tuvar Village


Worker moving roof tiles in Tuvar Village


Power lines installed over houses in Tuvar Village

July 24, 2018

Workers examining installed power lines in Tuvar


Workers installing power lines in trench in Tuvar Village


Workers installing power lines in ground near solar panels in Tuvar


Workers installing first solar panelon metal structure in Tuvar


Two workders standing near completed solar panel grid in Tuvar


Completed solar panel grid surrounded by green shrubs and trees in Tuvar

July 3, 2018

THWC painted line green and surrounded by treesSolar panels being carried and installed by workersCompleted solar panel grid in Tuvar Village, India

June 26, 2018

Wokers laying electrical cables in ground in Tuvar Village, IndiaWorkers building structure for solar panels in Tuvar Village, India

June 19, 2018

A photo collage of workers painting the THWC and digging into the groundWorkers installing the solar panel structure in Tuvar Village, India

 June 12, 2018

Workers installing equipment and building solar structurePhoto Collage of workers laying out cable and using borewell drillerPhotos of Sanitation facilities ready for installation and THWC floor installation

May 30, 2018

Workers building walkway outside THWC. laying bricks and installing new floorWorkers laying electric cables in ground and laying bricks

 May 22, 2018

Workers in Tuvar surveying the land, installing cable and building brick facilities

May 14, 2018

Photo collage of workers digging and preparing ground around THWC

May 7, 2018

Photo collage of workers rebuilding the bricks, reinforcing walls and installing drywall

March 2018

Workers digging dirt and preparing ground to rebuild the THWC buildingWorkers surveying land before construction begins on THWC in Tuvar Village