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How Does Electricity Work?

Whether you are new to learning about electricity, or just need a quick reminder about the basics, these images can hopefully help clarify how electricity takes charge!

An atom with electrons moving around


Above, you will see an atom with the electrons moving around.  When you think of electric "current," the current is the flow of these electrons.

Arrows showing the connection between a lightbulb and a battery

In the above, you will see an example of DC (Direct Current) power which demonstrates the connection between a light bulb and a battery.

Moving blue waves in front of a yellow background


This image is a metaphor for AC (Alternating Current) power which alternates between positive and negative like a wave.

Water bottle turned upside-down with water being squeezed out of the top


Finally, this image is a metaphor for electricity. Consider that voltage is the pressure, the water is the charge, and the flow of water out of the bottle is current.